Queen’s College Teacher Accused Of Child Molestation & Sexual Harassment! Management, Teacher, Students Respond

1. Mr Olaseni Oshifala Mr Olaseni Oshifala

Over the weekend, news broke out that Mr Olaseni Oshifala, a biology teacher in Queen’s College, Yaba, Lagos had been accused of child molestation and sexual harassment by a parent of one of the students of the school.

The school’s management was also accused of suppressing reports of this particular teacher’s harassment which according to reports has been a recurring one.

Read the letter sent in by the parent of the JSS2 student, published by OSG below.

“Dear Olorisupergal,

I would like to report the management of Queen’s College, Yaba. As I write, the Principal and vice principals have for over a month now, deliberately suppressed several complaints of sexual harassment which my daughter and some other students have consistently reported to their class teacher, their year head, the head of department of the accused teacher and the Principal’s office.

My daughter is in Jss2, second term at Queen’s college. During their visiting day in first term, she complained to me that there is an integrated science teacher, Mr Oshifala, who has been harassing her and some other students.

I asked her if the man had touched her and she said no, he only tells them they’re looking beautiful and he wants to marry them.

I dismissed her complaints as typical compliments from a teacher.

However, two weeks later, on Thursday, she called me late at night and she was crying bitterly, I could barely hear what she was saying untiluntil after I had calmed her down. I was scared myself, wondering happened.

She told me then that this same Mr Oshifala, who by the way lives in the boarding house area had cornered her on her way back from easing herself just before lights out.
She told me that he had called her and she thought he wanted to punish her for leaving her dorm room when it was almost lights out.

When she got closer to him, he was telling of alcohol and she ran away from him but he ran after her and grabbed her and tried to kiss her while touching her private part.
She started screaming and students started coming out so he left her and pretended to punish her but the students already know his ways so they started booing him until the house mistress came out and chased them inside telling them to be quiet and that nothing was actually going on.

I told my daughter to calm down and prayed with her and told her not to leave her dorm room except with another student”

Interestingly, the accused teacher was reportedly awarded with the “best overall teacher” in the school last year.

After this news broke out, a number of old girls of the school (OGQC) had various things to say about the teacher.

The teacher himself also responded to the accusations leveled against him which he called “fiction”.

He wrote on his Facebook page: “This is fiction, this must be from my hater. It is a share jealous. I don’t live in the school compound, I don’t drink and I don’t teach junior school. Please disregard this dubious story”2..

The Queen’s College Old Girls Association (QCOGA) then called a meeting to address the issue.3

Thereafter, the school’s management also responded to the allegation.


Read the Principal, Dr Mrs Lami Amodu’s statement below:


“When I resumed work as principal here, I was told of a certain matron who housed a person that had attempted to have an affair with a student. I was not here when it happened but as soon as I was told, I made sure that the matron was moved out of the school premises. I have zero tolerance for such behaviour. I have a daughter who schools here, even before I began work here. I will not take chances. As I talk to you, no single parent has come to me or any of my Vice-Principals to report Olaseni as a molester. I assure you that if the allegation was true, other parents would have been buzzing our lines non-stop. Children spread gossip fast. They would tell their parents or relations, if anyone was molesting them here. No parent would take such news lightly. When this news reached me, I summoned an emergency meeting of all the critical stakeholders. We all discussed before inviting Mr Osifala. Every one of my staff says positive things about the man. Of course they were all here (Queens College) before me, so they are qualified to assess members of staff properly. Personally, even before I resumed, a former principal of Kings College had recommended Olaseni as a credible person to work with. His name is Otunba Dele Olapeju. He is a highly respectable man. Let us not forget that Olaseni worked with five different principals, all of who also told me good words about him, despite the various allegations against him. I have investigated and we are not relenting in our determination to get to the bottom of this case. The man in question has been of impeccable character and committed service since I resumed work here. I can vouch for him. When I resumed work here, I was told a few unsavoury things about him. But investigations showed that each time a new principal resumed at Queens College, these allegations popped up. They would tell every new principal that Mr Olaseni is a molester. But after investigations, nothing concrete came up. My predecessor, whom we just sent forth today, told me the same thing. So it has been a recurring decimal, these allegations. We have come to understand that some persons are on a campaign of calumny against this teacher. Yet, he is the best teacher in our school. During World Teachers’ Day, he bagged five awards. The students all have good things to say about him. Somebody somewhere is up to some mischief and we will uncover this unfortunate drama. We place a premium on the security and welfare of our girls. We are all mothers. We will not allow any staff to endanger girls in this school. I urge the general public to always endeavour to confirm the stories they read on social media. Not everything they read there is true. I have quietly observed Olaseni over time. I have X-rayed his relationship with students and I have not found him wanting. The same students he has been accused of molesting, are the ones who voted him their best teacher. The PTA Chairman is an external person, and she attests to the character of the accused teacher. It did not take long for me to see why the past principals recommended him. He is extremely committed to his job and some people are ready to bring him down. I read the story on social media. I trust the public to read between the lines. There are too many inconsistencies with the story. Nothing is hidden in this school. If, like the story said, students came out at night to boo the molester, do you think that before dawn, the story would not have spread like wild fire? And for a whole month, nobody reported to me? It is not possible. There are approved channels of communication here. If the parent actually went to the Vice-Principal and was turned down, did the person ever come to me? No parent here can ever say that they are afraid of coming to me. Yet I never heard of this story until today. That is not possible. Again, a part of the story alleged that one of my Vice-Principals threatened the parent to go to Abuja, and that nothing will come out of it. I smiled when I read that part. No right thinking person would have made such a comment. I have been here long enough to know what each one of my staff are capable of saying. There is no way an administrator of her calibre would say that. This seems like an attempt to ridicule, not just Mr Olaseni, but the hard-earned reputation of Queens College. We are consulting with relevant stakeholders and we will get to the bottom of this.”

While investigations are ongoing on this issue, QC students in the early hours of today were spotted in their uniforms in from of the school gate, carrying placards in support of the teacher.

See photos below!

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