R.Kelly Pleads To Be Released, Says Jail is Making Him Sick


Under-fire American singer, R.Kelly has called on the authorities that he wants out of Jail, the singer is reportedly sick of being locked up and says his health is deteriorating as a result of being in prison.

TMZ obtained legal documents that state that he has numerous medical problems, including numbness in one hand, anxiety, and an untreated hernia. We previously reported that Kelly was also having difficulty reading his bible.

His lawyer, Steve Greenberg, claims that Kelly is not receiving the right medical attention in the jail. He also adds that only one person is permitted to visit him. TMZ identified Azriel Clary to be on the visitation list.

“Although he lives and has lived with two lady friends, only one of them is allowed to be on his visiting list, and after 90 days he’s required to switch.”

His lawyer adds that Kelly is not a flight risk and that he would not intimidate anyone once he gets out.

R. Kelly previously promised not to talk to underage girls if he was released.

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