Racists & Sexist Comments: Ilie Nastase Defies International Tennis Federation Ban

ilie nastaste

Ilie Nastase defied an International Tennis Federation ban to take centre stage again as Britain’s Fed Cup tie with Romania finished with snubbed handshakes, a delivery of flowers and defeat.

The disgraced 70-year-old swaggered back into the Tenis Club IDU on Sunday even though he had been sacked as captain after making appalling racist and sexist comments as well as an on-court tirade.

Nastase, who had been stripped of his credentials, ignored a suspension handed down by the International Tennis Federation to walk back into the stadium where Romania were playing Great Britain in the Fed Cup on Sunday.

The Romania head coach, launched a number of foul-mouth tirades at the British players and journalists having made sexist and racist remarks before the Fed Cup fixture, Daily Mail Reports

His message was as clear as it had been the previous day when he was first removed from the premises by several burly security guards. ‘This is Romania, I can do what I want,’ he had screamed.

ilie nastaseHe was captured on camera lunging angrily towards a female British journalist whom he called a ‘whore’ because she dared to report his misdemeanours.

‘He’s been like this for years so we’re glad it’s finally blown up and something is being done about it,’ one Romanian TV journalist remarked.

The two-time grand slam champion had set the tone at the pre-tournament press conference, making a casual racial slur about the colour of Serena Williams’s unborn child and pestering Keothavong for her hotel room number. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, READ HERE ON ONOBELLO.COM

On the opening day of play he reduced Johanna Konta to tears, calling her and Britain captain Anne Keothavong ‘****ing b***hes.’


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