Rahama Sadau Debunks Reports Of Being ‘Arrested’ & ‘Jailed’ Over ‘Indecent’ Photos

Rahama Sadau OnoBello

Rahama Sadau just wants the ‘fake’ and ‘unfounded’ stories surrounding her latest controversy to stop.

The embattled actress who has been seriously vilified on social media for sharing photos of herself in a backless dress on Twitter come out to deny rmuours making rounds that she has been arrested and jailed.

Last week, the Kannywood star shared fashionable photos on her Twitter account and was bashed by many Muslims for donning the dress which they deemed ‘indecent’ as it exposes parts of her body.

A Northern movie association also argued that the post elicited blasphemous comments against the Holy Prophet of Islam on Twitter and other social media handles and claimed that she’s been blacklisted.

Now reacting to several unverified reports that have emanated since the drama, she pointed out in a Twitter thread that she is yet to receive any police invitation or court summons.

“I have received many messages that I have been arrested and sentenced to jail earlier today. I have no idea where the news emanated from. I’m therefore calling on people to stop spreading fake stories,” she wrote on Tuesday.

She also addressed claims that a petition against her before a Sharia court and has been arrested, tried, and even sentenced to death.

She continued, “I haven’t received any police invitation or court trial. I’m reiterating this to well wishers that I’m SAFE and FINE and I have never received any legal trial for whatever reason. To those trying to bank on this issue to create an unrest, Please give it a rest.

“It’s indeed a hard time for me. This is not the right time for FAKE NEWS. Much love to those who reached out, I’m grateful. Love Rahama.”

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