Rap King & “Man Of The Year”, Phyno, Covers New Edition Of Mystreetz Magazine

According to Sesan Adeniji, Publisher of Mystreetz Magazine, one of the most consistent monthly music magazines in Nigeria:

‘About a decade ago, I attended an emergency music meeting with some of the most respectable veterans and spokesmen of the Nigerian music industry. They were concerned about the infiltrated sound called Hip hop/ Rap music. At the end of this meeting, these veterans concluded that this genre was never going to stand the test of time and they were right as of that moment, because Rap music had not found elements to connect with the local music lovers all around Nigeria but they were also wrong because the most constant thing in life is change; most importantly, if it driven by a young generation who are as relevant as those of the Arab spring.

As Rap music continued its search for a wide acceptance from the non conformist generation to the pidgin English era, the influence of those that defied the odds to infuse the Nigerian Northern, Western, Eastern/southern language into the Hip/hop and Rap music genre seem to be the reason why Rap may have succeeded all around the nation. With the success of Olamide, the final victory for Rap music might be the PHYNO THESIS. Has Rap music finally pulled down the walls of language barrier?’  

You can watch the making of the magazine cover here:


Cover photography by August Udoh – @augustudoh, www.augustudoh.com



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