Regina Daniel’s Father Cries Out That He Is Not Dead, Kicks Against Her Initiation

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As teen actress, Regina Daniels continues to be in the news, a man who alleged that he is the young actress’ biological father, named Jude Ojeogwu, has come out to react to the recent news of her traditional marriage to 59-year old billionaire, Ned Nwoko.

Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko

Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko during the traditional marriage

Mr Jude Ojeogwu who spoke via his Facebook page frowned at the union, claiming that the marriage between the Regina and the billionaire business mogul and politician was without his consent and he is shocked to hear the recent development between the duo.

The self-acclaimed father blamed Regina’s mother for giving their daughter’s hand in marriage at a tender age and to an older man, emphasizing on the point that Regina wasn’t supposed to undergo the initiation ceremony into the Otu Odu group, as she is from Ogwashi Uku and not Olor as being rumoured.

Ojeogwu wrote:

“Regina daniel Ojeogwu is my biological daughter.What ever is ongoing is not to my” knowledge and without my consent.The fact speaks for itself looking at the picture.”

“Her mother Rita daniel is threading on a dangerous path and I hope she will retrace her steps. Even the initiation ceremony into otu odu appears completely strange to Regina daniel Ojeogwu.”

“Regina is from ogwashi uku and not from olor as being rumored. All the opportunities for Mr Ned nwoko to discuss with me proved abortive not realising that we once lived in the same house in awoyokun street, onikpan, Lagos.”

“The implication of all this is that she inpregnated herself. The name Regina was my late mother’s name. I have tried to exercise restraint but Regina mother kept pushing me to wall. Am alive and not dead.”

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A scroll down his page revealed old post and pictures of him, Regina Daniels and other family members. Also, to ascertain that he is truly the father of the actress, Jude revealed the address of his former house and also dropped his phone number.

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Mr Jude Ojeogwu and Regina Daniels

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