Regina Daniel’s Father Never Married Her Mother,He Has No Right To Demand Bride-Price” – Family

Rita Daniels - OnoBello

Regina Daniels and Mum, Rita Daniels

Following the traditional marriage of Regina Daniels and her billionaire sweetheart, Ned Nwoko, there was a sudden outburst from a man who claimed to be the biological father of the young actress. In his Facebook post, Mr John Ojeogwu claimed Regina was not supposed to undergo the traditional initiation she recently had at her husband’s hometown in Delta. Also, he further stated that he wasn’t aware of the union between the duo.

However, according to a source, the emergence of the father had resulted into a great worry for Regina’s mother, Ms. Rita Daniels. She was reportedly concerned when the father of her kids publicly reacted to his daughter’s wedding and said his consent was not sought before she was handed over to the 59-year old Ned Nwoko as a bride.

Apparently, the various interviews granted by Mr Jude Ojeogwu were distressing for the bride’s mother and she reportedly panicked, reports claims Ms. Rita Daniels later told her friends that she intends to head out to her new son-in-law’s home in Abuja to “cool off” and may head to Dubai from there.

Regina Daniels and Mum

Regina Daniels and Mum

According to the same source, Friends of Ms. Rita Daniels are of the view that Mr Ojeogwu has no right to claim certain dues now because he never paid Ms Daniels’ bride price.

“A man who extracted 4 kids from one woman without paying a dime as bride price should not be talking about bride price let alone receiving one.” The source said.

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