Regina Daniels’ Mum and Uncle Drag Each Other On Facebook Over Actress’ Recent Marriage

Rita and Regina Daniels

As the drama continues to unfold, Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels keeps finding herself in the news following her marriage to 59-year old billionaire business mogul and politician Ned Nwoko. This time, the scenario was between her mum, Ms. Rita Daniels and her uncles after they clashed on social media platform Facebook over claims that Ms. Rita Daniels did not carry them along in the marriage process, and equally calling Ned Nwoko’s family to do the needful since his bride’s father has come out to present himself.

The conversation was apparently stirred up by one of Regina’s uncles, Ojeogwu Tony Molanto, who shared a post on Facebook that led to the clash.

 He wrote:

“Hon Ned Nwoko,Idumuje Ugboko town and all Deltans should take note, the coast is clear. That is Barrister Jude Ojeogwu the Father of Regina Daniels Ojeogwu speaking. Hon Ned and Family do the needful.”

In part of the post, Mr. Tony took a swipe at Ms. Rita Daniels, stating that her daughter was denying her father in public but secretly pacifying him with a Jeep. In response, Regina’s mother alleged that the Ojeogwu’s family were not there when she started off life with her children in an uncompleted building in Asaba.

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