Relationships: Individuality

Let me tell you about a man I know. He hates chick flicks! The more violence or alien invasion involved, the better the movie. He does not do hugs, flowers, or poetry. In terms of arrogance, my cat has got nothing on him. He will never engage in public displays of affection, but behind closed doors though, when no-one is watching, he will bare all softness in eyes that will enthral you because it’s more than just a myth – eyes don’t lie! It is just his way! Ok!

Individuality is such an awesome concept. No-one, for example, can speak the words on my lips…not like I do anyway. This same idea is applicable to the many hearts that mine connects with.

Today, I celebrate individuality and choose to understand that people are born with certain traits that make them unique. There will always be only one of the special people in my life. On the flip side of the coin, I mourn the conflict that is often born out of individuality. I ponder today – due to personal differences, different people will react to situations in different ways. Something that can evoke a teardrop in a sensitive heart may not even cause a flicker to the strings of a harder heart.

What I’m thinking now is that I am surrounded by amazing people who I am drawn to by virtue of their individuality. I am also drained by the fact that they may all, at one point or the other, rub me off the wrong way. What I hope is that whenever I’m put in a situation where I am forced to mourn instead of celebrate, that I am able to take one step back and remember my celebration and how at that moment, my heart was glad to embrace them.

I am on a quest to discover the real meaning of the word ‘love’. So far, I am at peace with, and happily accept the biblical version of its definition. This definition is so enveloping of many concepts that by merely living the ordinary course of every day life, I find new children born out of this one word. I am consistently learning something, which pushes me further and deeper into my hunger to explore this word. For today, I have learnt that individuality also has a part to play in this ‘loving properly’ malarkey.

Therefore, the truth is this: today, I am put in a situation where my heart is mourning individuality because of the conflict it has imposed on my heart. So here I am making a conscious effort to say to you out there: ‘you have hurt me, but I am still tickled by the individual you are, after all, something beautiful drew you into my inner circle. Therefore, peculiarities, habits, flaws, I accept. I love your individuality, I love you’. And for me, it truly is as simple as that!

Until next time, let’s dig deep!

Sally Chiwuzie

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