Rihanna Rents Island In Essex To Record New Album, Been In UK Secretly For A Year

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For everyone waiting on Rihanna to drop some music, we have good news for you. The popstar has reportedly rented an island in Essex, United Kingdom to record her new album. The songstress, splashed out a good amount on a lavish studio on the Osea Island, which is owned by music producer Nigel Frieda. It comes after Rihanna stunned fans with the news that she had been secretly living in London for a year and said she was enjoying the relative anonymity that came with living in the city.

According to Daily Mail, A source said:

“Rihanna has invited family to spend time with her while she works. She’s had a few stints in the studio since her last album, but she’s been really focused on her makeup, clothing and lingerie lines.

“But since she moved to London, she has had friends and family staying with her so she can work at her own pace, surrounded by the people she loves.”

Osea Island is home to the Miloco Studios, which had been long been used as a private space for musicians to work on their craft, and is its own little haven as it can only be reached twice a day for four hours at a time thanks to tidal waves.

Osea Island (Daily Mail) - OnoBello

Osea Island (Daily Mail)

The publication also claimed that Rihanna’s studio boasts a gym, cinema and pool, as well as separate cottages for her entourage.

The songstress who has since evolved into a style icon and makeup entrepreneur—and was only just announced as one of the richest Self-Made Black Women in Forbes, she is the first black woman in charge of a major luxury fashion house. All those efforts add up to a $600 million fortune, making her the wealthiest female musician in the world.

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