Rita Dominic, Linda Ejiofor, Gideon Okeke, Hilda Dokubo! More Pictures From AFRIFF 2015 Day 1


The Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) 2015 kicked off on Monday and the week long festival has received a lot of buzz and witnessed a large number of celebrity turnout. We had previously brought you our Red Carpet/Arrival coverage from Day 1, click here to view them.

We now have some more pictures from the day 1; the after party, inside the cinema, the fun Eko hotel registration and more snaps around the event. See photos of Rita Dominic, Gideon Okeke, Chioma Ude, Lanre DaSilva Ajayi, Toni Tones, OC Ukeje, Hilda Dokubo, Linda Ejiofor and lots more.

The After-party…Afriff15-Day1-323 Afriff15-Day1-324 Afriff15-Day1-326 Afriff15-Day1-327 Afriff15-Day1-328 Afriff15-Day1-329 Afriff15-Day1-331 Afriff15-Day1-333 Afriff15-Day1-334 Afriff15-Day1-335 Afriff15-Day1-336 Afriff15-Day1-338 Afriff15-Day1-341 Afriff15-Day1-342 Afriff15-Day1-343 Afriff15-Day1-345 Afriff15-Day1-347 Afriff15-Day1-348 Afriff15-Day1-349 Afriff15-Day1-353 Afriff15-Day1-354 Afriff15-Day1-355 Afriff15-Day1-356 Afriff15-Day1-357 Afriff15-Day1-358 Afriff15-Day1-359 Afriff15-Day1-360 Afriff15-Day1-361 Afriff15-Day1-363 Afriff15-Day1-366 Afriff15-Day1-370 Afriff15-Day1-372 Afriff15-Day1-373 Afriff15-Day1-376 Afriff15-Day1-377 Afriff15-Day1-378 Afriff15-Day1-383 Afriff15-Day1-387 Afriff15-Day1-393 Afriff15-Day1-394 Afriff15-Day1-399 Afriff15-Day1-400 Afriff15-Day1-401 Afriff15-Day1-406 Afriff15-Day1-408 Afriff15-Day1-409 Afriff15-Day1-416 Afriff15-Day1-419 Afriff15-Day1-420 Afriff15-Day1-423 Afriff15-Day1-426 Afriff15-Day1-428 Afriff15-Day1-431

Afriff15-Day1-368 Afriff15-Day1-415

Inside the cinema…

Afriff15-Day1-230 Afriff15-Day1-231 Afriff15-Day1-233 Afriff15-Day1-235 Afriff15-Day1-237 Afriff15-Day1-253 Afriff15-Day1-260 Afriff15-Day1-262 Afriff15-Day1-265 Afriff15-Day1-267 Afriff15-Day1-270 Afriff15-Day1-281

At Registration…

Afriff15-Day1-3 Afriff15-Day1-6 Afriff15-Day1-10 Afriff15-Day1-14 Afriff15-Day1-16 Afriff15-Day1-19 Afriff15-Day1-23 Afriff15-Day1-26 Afriff15-Day1-27 Afriff15-Day1-33 Afriff15-Day1-34 Afriff15-Day1-36 Afriff15-Day1-40


Photo Credit: Anuel Modebe



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