Rivers Mechanics Seek Justice After Colleague Was Allegedly Tortured To Death By The Police

Chima Ikwunado Killing Rivers Police OnoBello (1)

According to several online reports, today have been reportedly declared black Wednesday in Rivers state by a coalition of civil society organizations and concerned residents of Rivers State due to the untimely death of one auto-mechanic Mr. Chima Ikwunado.

Ilwunado was said to have died in detention after he was allegedly arrested along with four boys, Victor Ogbonna, Osaze Friday, Ifeanyi Osuji and Ifeanyi Onyekwere for cultism & armed robbery by the Eagle Crack Squad led by Superintendent of Police Benson Adetuyi of Mile 1 Police station.

Several reports on Twitter further claim that the public on Tuesday, 21st of January 2020 were informed of the primary suspect’s demise which was allegedly as a result of “increased sugar levels” in his body.

This information was reportedly obtained by conducting from an autopsy on Thursday, 9th of January 2020. At the time of this report the four other suspects are still in detention for the crime which they have not been proven to have committed.

More Twitter users allegedly claim that they’re been condemned, beaten, tortured, imprisoned and prevented from treating their wounds and seeking help to defend themselves.

Chima Ikwunado Killing Rivers Police OnoBello (2)

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