Roses & Cards! Omoni Oboli And Husband Celebrate 14 Year Anniversary, View Mushy Messages

Congratulation to this big Nollywood star and her husband… this is a big one!


Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli is celebrating her 14 year anniversary with her husband, Nnamdi Oboli today.

The two took to social media to express their profound love for one another. See their messages:

Omoni wrote; “14 years don waka! We still dey carry go, nobody waka, no body go solo! 14 years of everything! Fun, laughter, love, companionship, headache, craziness lol! My boyfriend, my lover, my everything! There’s no me without you @nnamdioboli The wind beneath my wings! I can soar because you let me! May God keep us going stronger as the years go by! Love you to infinity and beyond! #Happy14anniversaryTheObolis #Wekeepgoingstrong #WeareRoyalty”

Her husband replied with a sweet message of his own: “14 years and counting!!! Thank you Lord! A true virtuous woman, friend, lover, helpmeet, good mother to our boys, confidant and soulmate. #wifeforlife, #madeinheaven, #blessedandhighlyfavoured, #14thmarriageanniversary”.

He also added another message: “14th wedding Anniversary!!! God is awesome! #marriageforlife, #happilyeverafter”.


To make their anniversary real special and memorable, Nnamdi sent over the “biggest” bouquet of roses Omoni ever received.

View her heartfelt message: “Thank you babe @nnamdioboli for the biggest bouquet of roses I have ever gotten! I could hardly lift it up! Lol…The card reads ‘To say that you are the best would imply that you are comparable. But to say that you are perfect would give you your rightful place among wives as I reflect. Many daughters have done well but you excel them all. Happy 14th anniversary to my dear wife who makes me daily stand tall’… This has got to be the cutest message ever! I could never express how much I love this man! #Happy14anniversaryTheObolis #Wekeepgoingstrong #WeareRoyalty”.

Awww… we wish this couple so many more years together!


Photo Credit: Instagram  


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