Sarz Threatens MI Abaga Over His Embarrassing Comments During An Instagram Live

MI and Sarz Instagram Live Ejaculation OnoBello

Amid the lockdown, the internet drama between celebrities seems to have gone up a notch. The latest, however, is between music producer, Sarz and rapper MI Abaga as the later has just been threatened over his recent disclosure in an Instagram Live chat with another rapper, Blaq Bonez.

MI had recalled an “embarrassing moment” with Sarz after he took him clubbing for the first time in Lagos. He revealed that they had girls all over them at the club and Sarz ejaculated himself within seconds.

Sarz who angrily reacted stated that he has thrown out his respect for MI since he “thinks it’s cool to cook up stories and dent his character online”.

MI has however aplogized, and he said he was only sharing a funny story he has joked about the producer for years.

“I 100 percent apologize to @beatsbysarz.. I was completely joking and he was on the live while I was sharing the funny story that him I had joked about for years.. sarz came on immediately after I did and cleared up the story and told the IG live I was joking.” he wrote.

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