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This is for you guys…Sometimes you put together a great outfit, everything is ironed to perfection, your shirt looks like it was made for a king, the hem of your trousers sit perfectly on your shoes, your jacket is looking crisp and your grooming is on-point… One way to mess this all up ? CHEAP, ODD, NASTY cologne!

So many people still don’t see and understand the absolute importance of your scent. It’s one thing to wash regularly (and also wash the right places) to beat nasty bodily odours, but it’s another to know how to command respect and attract positive attention by smelling right at all times. Sadly, most people walk into the perfume shop on the high street or even shop online for ‘that new perfume with the cool ad’ or ‘the one with that hot girl in it’… NO! ‘The one with the hot girl in it’ will not get you a hot girl in real life, ‘the one with the cool ad’ doesn’t automatically make you cool… SAD but true! Here are some things you need to know:


  • Your scent should tell people that you can be many things at the same time, including but not limited to confident, cool, intelligent, important, fun, sexy, demure… Don’t leave it completely up to the girl at the check-out counter to tell you what to buy or what suits you. You know yourself better than anyone so you decide what suits you and go for it!
  • You should not limit yourself to one particular scent at any given time; there are scents that suit the day, some that suit the night, some that are for special occasions and not necessarily everyday use and some that are for that special time with your lady.
  • There is a scent for every budget! Whether you plan on spending N5,000 or N5,000,000, there is a scent that suits your budget. Take for example, Arabian Oud; the Arabian Oud company always set up promotions and sales packages, offering you some of their incredible scents from as low as N3, 800. And then on the higher end of the scale, we have the likes of Clive Christian whose ‘Imperial Majesty’ is the world’s most expensive fragrance, at over N250, 000, 000.



                                 Darey Art- Alade                                               Tuface Idibia 


  • NEVER buy a fragrance because your best mate did or because your colleague at work uses it; instead you must dare to be different, besides your physical features and your sense of style, your scent is a very strong trigger and can remind someone of you in an instant! Sometimes your scent can even initiate a conversation with that hot girl you’re shy to approach.
  • Some fragrances work best on the skin, whilst others work best on your clothes, however, you must apply your fragrance with moderation and avoid those ones that can leave a stain on your clothes.
  • Here are some fragrances that could be of interest:


1 Million by Paco Robanne                                                                Blue de Chanel


 Bvlgari                                                 Obsession by Calvin Klein


 Robert Piguet Visa                                                               Clive Christian

 Tomford-Tuscan Collection

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