“Dear Santa & Significant Other, All I Want For Christmas…” See How To Prepare Your Wishlist

It’s barely two weeks to Christmas and it seems a little late and cutting it close to just be putting out a Christmas wish list but it is what it is and like they say, better late than never.

There is no rule that says you cannot get items off a wish list for yourself so it doesn’t really have to be a list you are making for someone else but just a reminder for things you want. You can use the list below to get an idea of how you want your list to look like. In your wish list try to be as specific as possible, pictures and links help.


If you also, like me, have been too busy to put out a Christmas wish list and drop hints for presents on Christmas day, then consider this your two week warning. Make your list, send it to Santa or leave it lying around where your friends / relatives / significant others might see it. Start your internet ordering now, while stocks last.
Here’s my Christmas wish list, hope it gives you inspiration

1.    Brettany By Anne Klein

OnoBello OnoBello


2.    Zara Tricolour City Bag

OnoBello OnoBello


3.    Shakara Couture Kourtney Dress

OnoBello OnoBello


4.    Virgos Lounge Goda Jumpsuit

OnoBello OnoBello


5.    Sit Up Bench



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