See Nora Roberts’ Epic Response To Plagiarism Accusation By Nigeria Writer, Tomi Adeyemi

aQo06SriTwitter was thrown into disarray on Tuesday, November 27 after Nigerian-American novelist, Tomi Adeyemi claimed (with pictures) that the title of her ‘Children of Blood and Bone’ book was lifted off by the Iconic writer, Nora Roberts.

However, some hours later, the author retracted her statement, saying that she now believes the titles were created in isolation. But even after the apology issued to Nora Roberts, it seems the hatchet is yet to be buried between the two authors.

In a candid open letter, devoid of any names or book titles, Nora Roberts has shared her thoughts on this debacle with Nigerian-American author Tomi Adeyemi, rather candidly.

In a new candid blog post, she called out the Nigerian-American author as reckless, foolish, unprofessional and emotional, lacking basis for the accusations. She even said she would not read the latter’s novel, Children of Blood and Bone for these reasons. We hope this is resolved soon and that it has does no more damage to either of the authors’ careers.

Read the full statement below:




















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Two comments

  1. All the righteous indignation. She got caught. Probable didn’t know where her publisher got the inspiration from.. Just a Trumpian response. The images are even alike
    it’s a case of act angry so I can sound justified

    1. Except Nora Robert’s book was titled FIRST. There is proof she announced the titles WAY before Toni did – so maybe you mean all Toni’s righteous indignation is because she got caught plagiarizing Nora Roberts?
      Get your facts straight.

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