Several Travelers Stranded as Nigeria Shuts Down Seme Border


Many travelers were Wednesday stranded at Nigeria and Benin Republic border as officials closed the border on both sides without formal notice.

“Just on my way to Nigeria now they have close border chai,” a stranded traveler Sebomi told The Guardian.

“The Benin-Nigerian borders are closed. At Chikanda and around Kwara state and other borders, the passages are carefully filtered.”

Sebomi said she was coming to work in Lagos when they were prevented from crossing the border following its closure in the early morning of Wednesday.

An immigration officer who pleaded anonymity confirmed that all land borders across Nigeria are closed which was an order from the federal government.

“It is all borders across Nigeria. It was a presidential order.”

“It might last for the next three days.”

The Guardian also learned that this closure occurred as Nigeria is currently deploying an operation named Border Green for a period of 28 days.

During this mission, the police, immigration, army, customs and intelligence forces will verify the good execution of the injunctions concerning the prohibition of exported goods.

The officials will also focus on the prohibition of fraudulent exit of petroleum products, the fight against the importation of second-hand vehicles, the fight against the importation of rice and certain prohibited products for importation by land.

In Chikanda especially, the borders are closed, including the ones used by pedestrians.

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