Shaping Our Tomorrow: South-South Economic Summit 2012

The 2nd South-South Economic Summit holds from 26th to 28th April, 2012 with the theme: Development, Investment and Security. The primary aim of the summit is to showcase the rich investment potentials of the South–South region of the country, thereby attracting new investors as well as servicing existing investments.


The South-South states are: Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Edo and Delta (“BRACED”), an Economic Cooperation and Integration Commission set up after the first Economic summit in April 2009, in Calabar, Cross Rivers State. The summit is a strategy by the Governors of the “BRACED” states to diversify the economy from total dependence on oil to boosting other sectors in each state such as the Agricultural Sector. “BRACED” intends to strengthen ties of cooperation between the private sector, government and the people and to empower the people through planned programmes. Its aim is to promote public/private partnership, to address issues of environmental pollution and degradation, oil pollution, lack of infrastructure, education, unemployment, poverty and diversification of the economy with a focus on agriculture as a post-oil strategy to ensure food security in the area and to promote economic integration and sustainable developmentThis summit is holding in Asaba, Delta State is expected to address key developmental issues and proffer solutions to them. It will focus primarily on how best to harness the vast natural resources for regional and national development.


The summit is intended to showcase the investment potentials of the South South states to a global audience and is expected to attract local and foreign investors from Africa and other parts of the world including Asia, United States of America, Japan, Spain, Britain. It also serves as a medium through which the South South States can sell themselves to the outside world. It is a meeting point for governments, citizens and foreign nationals.


Speakers are: President Goodluck Jonathan, President Paul Kagame, Wole Soyinka, Mike Mullen, Andrew Azazi, Rudy Giuliani, David Mark, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, John Lipsky, Gracuana del Castillo and many more



Focus areas: Agriculture, Finance & Microfinance, Power & Infrastructure, Environment, Tourism, Public Sector, Security and Transport.


Details to the event:

Date: 25-28 April 2012

Venue: Delta Convention Centre, Asaba, Delta State

For more information, contact:


Mobile: 0802 2452 429, 0706 7341 900

For exhibition enquiries call: 0802 3011 154, 0803 2868 019

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