Shea Butter Wonder!

Shea butter is extracted from the kernel of the karite tree located throughout African savannahs. This rich creamy pasty oil serves as food, cosmetic and medicine. It has a superb and powerful healing action of 100 % pure unrefined shea butter spreads evenly into the skin and absorbs almost instantly to treat skin conditions including skin rashes, itching, stretch marks, sunburns, small skin wounds and allergic reactions.

Rich in natural vitamin A and Vitamin E ,  it renews and rejuvenates the skin lending towards a much younger-looking appearance and also increase s the circulation and blood flow to the skin, which allows for a generous amount of oxygen to reach the tissues and serve as an antioxidant to prevent skin damage caused by free radicals.

It also serves as anti-wrinkle treatment, anti-oxidant, blemish treatment and scar prevention and treatment.

Shea butter has an anti-stiffness factor known as stigmasterol- an unsaturated plant sterol found in pure unrefined shea butter with the ability to relax tired muscles, relieve swelling and muscle tension. The benefits of shea butter are visible when used everyday.

Grab on to this free gift of nature and get a healthier looking skin.

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