Show Report: Africa Fashion Week 2016- AsakeOge ‘Athleisure’ Collection


AsakeOge partnered with Daviva Fabric to showcase a sportswear inspired collection at the Africa Fashion Week this month.

A mix of vibrant Daviva prints, sports luxe mesh and lycra, the collection added an ethnic yet contemporarily distinct edge to the familiar African prints we’re used to.

According to the label, “We decided to explore the possibility of African prints as sportswear hoping to push the boundaries it used to be known for. This has not been tried before and we hope this foray will lead African garment manufacturers into new possibilities for African print.”

See more photos below!_DSC3899-1 _DSC3908-1
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_DSC3948-1 _DSC3950-1
_DSC3960-1 _DSC3961-1
_DSC3962-1 _DSC3965-1
_DSC3966-1 _DSC3980-1
_DSC3982-1 _DSC3983-1



Designer: @AsakeOge

Photography: @CkknightPhotography

Shoes: @keexsTribe

Styling: @laurelMari




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