Show Report: Ghana Fashion & Design Week, Day 1 – Love April, Duaba Serwa, Orange Culture, Konfidence, Maria Mia & Jil Boutique

Ghana Fashion & Design Week (GFDW) recently took place on the 5th -7th of October 2012.


The event kicked off with a line up of interesting contemporary fresh talents with loads of innovative ideas.


The three days event took place at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, with the capital city Accra seeing a line up of fashion shows, seminars and exhibitions plus an invite only VIP party on the third day exclusively.


Here’s bringing a report of the shows from day one.


Love April (Ghana)

An upcoming designer with the modern woman in mind, Nina, the emerging designer focuses on creating a collection that speaks of comfort and freedom of expression through clothing. The Love April design ethos is about fusing of African prints, with a fresh and youthfulness in mind. The collection carries simple lines that are complimented with a mixture of colourful print fabrics. The overall look is fresh and youthful. 



Duaba Serwa (Ghana)

Nelly Hagan Aboagye winner of the British Council Designer of the year 2011 label – Duaba Serwa is a mixture of innovative intricate detailed designs, textures, structure and new types of volumes, Duaba Serwa’s story is about bold effortless beauty and the brand prides itself in the construction of elegant tailored style lines that cater to the woman who prefers understatements elegance to flamboyant extravagance.


The designer garments are made for comfort and simplicity, with harmonious lines reinforced by a bold palette of colours and fine materials such as glass beads that are woven intricately in different patterns and sizes. The brand has gained international interest at a short space of time as her work uniquely differs from other brands and innovatively in-tuned with the use of modern fabrics to achieve contemporary designs for the modern woman. 




Orange Culture (Nigeria)

Orange Culture is more than a line; it’s a movement. A movement for men and women, who do not allow clothes to determine who they are, but make an individual stand out from a crowd. It’s a line for people who enjoy beautiful colours, textures and movement.


The designer, Adebayo Oke-Lawal has consistently been involved in a broad spectrum in fashion since he began designing at age 10. His work ranges from styling and designing to journalism and writing. Adebayo has worked with renowned fashion & Lifestyle magazines and which today has greatly



Konfidence (Ghana)

Trendy and Sophistication defines the KONFIDENCE Label for the woman of confidence and free spirit. Delicately symbolized by the golden butterfly logo. The label launched in 2012, envisioned by Ghanaian socialite, and renowned entrepreneur Confidence Haugen, is designed to add colour, class and sparkle to every woman’s wardrobe. Like the butterfly, colouful and free spirited, the Label is inspired by the vibrant Ghanaian culture and colourful surroundings, a cocktail of contemporary designs infused with traditional fabrics.


This approach is elegantly defined in the Konfidence label through the use of Ghanaian authentic Kente fabric, and traditional African print fabrics from Ghana, carefully mixed with satin, innovative materials, and crystals, which gives the pieces a true sophisticated edge. Each piece tells its own story, identified by their unique names taken from Ghana. The variety of styles and colour ensembles makes the label unique as a Ghanaian brand that caters for the corporate woman, the sophisticated woman, and the young fashion savvy. The label focuses on key accessories in both casual and occasional ranges for women, including shoes, handbags and purses. The label is made with pleasure to ignite the feeling of confidence into a state of being. – Especially for the KONFIDENCE customer. 



Maria Mia (Spain)

Spanish designer Maria Gonzalez Ramos from the Canary Island has over 25 years experience in the world of Fashion, with extensive knowledge in innovative dress-making techniques, but above all, with the intuition and creativity necessary to create collections, customized garments, exclusive bridal gowns, scenic costumes, corporate uniforms, etc. Convinced that elegance and style depend on the garment and how whoever is wearing it identifies with it, rather than on the place or the occasion.


Maria see her work is a delicate personal job, based on a study of people, their needs, and their surroundings, on the unique matching that arises from conversation, from an exchange of ideas, from know-how…and from experience. These elements are a true definition of Maria’s work. 



Jil Boutique (Ghana)

Creative Director Adoley Addo the brain behind JIL has no formal education in design. After a law degree at the university of Ghana her passion for fashion kept escalating, which led to the opening of her first multi branded boutique and the birth of her own label JIL. JIL focuses on giving exposure to what we have in Africa to the international world. Using African prints enhanced with embellishments and other fabrics like silks.


Recently JIL main focus has been on the Ghanaian Kente cloth, reworking the traditional Kente cloth extensively with beads uniquely for her collection. The vibrant colours of the Kente cloth combined with beads and rhinestones give an extraordinary jewel-like appeal to the traditional fabric known globally as a symbol for Ghana. This idea is carried through JIL’s recent collection titled “Heritage”. 



Sarah Duah (Germany)

Innovative fashion describes emerging interesting German designer Sarah Duah’s avant-garde collection; the recent graduate with a fashion degree, entire collections are skilfully created using artificial hair, turning them into wearable garments. As an artist Sarah is strongly inspired by her surroundings, including elements such as hair, which is evident within her collections.


Sarah’s creative ideas push the art of using hair beyond familiar boundaries into the realms of intricate patterns and authentic pieces beyond one imagination. Every piece of her anticipated collection to showcase at Ghana Fashion & Design Week will be handmade, carefully selected cuts and shapes, bringing her imaginations to life as wearable garments. 



Photo Credits

Kola Oshalusi for Insigna

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