Show Report: Glitz African Fashion Week 2018: Day 3- Vonne


Glitz African Fashion Week 2018 is in full swing in the one of the fashion capitals of the world.

The Fashion and Style Department is doing Show Reports on all designers showcasing their latest collection this season.

French born designer, Yvonne Nwosu is the creative director behind the popular fashion brand, Vonne Couture. Born in the 80s, she obtained her undergraduate and post graduate education from University of Lagos where she studied English and Business administration in Middlesex University Hendon, London respectively. Her love for fashion started when she was a little girl making clothes for her dolls. As she grew older, she started to pull outfits apart and redesign them.  This blossomed into making amazing pieces for the contemporary woman leading to the birth of Vonne couture over 7 years ago.

Since inception the brand has launched up to 25 collectionn and several designs. The brand has showcased at various fashion event such as the  Arise Fashion week, Kenya Fashion week, Glitz fashion week, Ghana fashion week, diplomat fashion week and Music Meet Runway. Yvonne’s hobbies includes sketching and boxing.


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