Simply Adorable! Tanzanian Supermodel Millen Magese Shows Off Beautiful Baby Bump Photos

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Tanzanian supermodel, Millen Magese recently welcomed her son after years of battling and overcoming endometriosis. The model took to Instagram to share these really amazing pictures she took while she was pregnant along with very heartfelt captions.


I used to adore all the maternity shoots anytime I see on social media . I said to myself the day I become pregnant I would do whatever I wanted because I was the only one who could experience the changes in my body , the pains , the crazy hormones phew . I gained 53 pounds and all worth it . To all pregnant women out there , do whatever makes you feel good . It’s all about you . There is no culture on being pregnant guys it’s an individual thing . Don’t feel pressurized …..if you can run then run , if you can’t go to gym then rest …… it is what you feel you’re not lazy . #EveryPregnancyIsDifferentButSpecial . This is me on #DoWhateverIfeltlike #PreggieMom #MamaKairo #BabyKairoAt39Weeks . #SpeakOut 💪🏽 #ManyFacesOfEndo #FindCure4Endo #MiracleBaby #PrinceKairo👑 #ChangeYourStory💪🏽 .thanks to the amazing team Photography by @oye_diran .Makeup by @moshoodat Hair @jycbeauty Styled By @oliviamarieg_ behind the scene videographer . thank you angels #QueenMother

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This moment right here 😢. I was super emotional here . I kept asking my team is this really my maternity shoot ??? Throughout my career no one ever helped to place my body a certain way . I listened to directions and deliver the job . But this particular shot the whole team had to help 😂 getting me down , helped placing my legs , my back felt like it was breaking lol . I said to @oye_diran please take a picture first let me see my tummy first . I was super emotional. He asked is everything ok . I said let’s shoot 💪🏽I realized things are different. HappyMom#DoWhateverIfeltlike #EveryPregnancyIsDifferentButSpecial thank you team @moshoodat @jycbeauty @oye_diran Thank you very much #ChangeYourStory💪 #PrinceKairo👑 #MiracleBaby #FindCure4Endo #ManyFacesOfEndo #kairosmommy #PrinceKairoAt39Weeks #MillenMagese⭐️💛👑 #YourOpinionWontMatterAtThisPoint #ItsMyMomentThatIFought4 A post shared by Millen Magese (@ladivamillen) on


 Oye Diran | @oye_diran
Makeup: Moshoodat @moshoodat
Hair: JC Beauty @jycbeauty
Stylist: Olivia Marie @oliviamarieg_




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