Singer Lira Signs As 1st South African Influencer For Top Cosmetics Brand Bobbi Brown

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South African singer Lira will serve as the first South African influencer for top cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown. As part of her lucrative collaboration, Lira will appear in print editorials and online promo Ads for the giant cosmetic brand.

Founder and CCO of the company, Bobbi Brown explains why South Africa’s superstar was an easy collaborative choice for the cosmetic brand. “I’m excited and incredibly proud to have Lira as an influencer for our brand in South Africa, she stated. “I’m in awe of her inspirational life story and her strong commitment to giving back. Her positive attitude, natural beauty and confidence represent the brand’s philosophy of ‘be who you are beauty’.”



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Lira says, “I’m thrilled to be the first African to formally collaborate with this global brand. I love Bobbi’s makeup and I admire how her products bring out the individual beauty in every woman and how easy she makes it for all women to look and feel their best.”

The Ad campaign will be shot in the heart of Johannesburg, using local talent and featuring local fashion designs including Loin Cloth & Ashes by Anissa Mpungwe.

A first look at the promo work for Lira x Bobbi Brown sees her photographed against a plain background and styled in a crisp white cardigan in one shot, then a black halter dress in another. Sporting her signature sunshine smile, Lira rocks bold lips.





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