Sisters Kelly And Gabriella Davids Of South African Fashion Brand ‘MilQ & Honey’ Presents Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection For Today’s Urban Woman

MilQ and Honey’s style is classy, sexy, edgy, funky yet glamorous aiming to inspire all women to be confident and courageous. It is inspired by life, the energy colours, animals, patterns and shapes of natural surroundings. The brand is run by South African sisters and business partners Kelly and Gabriella Davids.

For their Winter Collection 2013, Milq And Honeywent for the urban look ideal for women who want to chill out in comfort or look glamorous for an event or occasion. One can perceive the astonishing attention to detail – from the ball gowns, to the tights & polar neck tops, after party dresses and other sexy looks, the collection is oozing with sophistication and is perfect for the hip, urban purist.

According to the designers, MilQ and Honey Fashion is a label that inspires and encourages every woman to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. We celebrate the form and silhouette of womanhood and femininity.

For more information, contact:
Facebook: MilQ and Honey House of Fashion, Health and Beauty
Twitter: @MilQandHoney




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