Skinny Girl in Transit’s Abimbola Craig Covers Guardian Life Magazine

Abimbola Craig Guardian Life OnoBello 1

Abimbola Craig who we recognize as ‘Tiwalade’ in the Ndani TV show, Skinny girl in Transit took herself and the world by surprise when she accidentally became a star. The Lagosian’s journey to stardom was unplanned, as she had initially started off as a practicing lawyer and producer on the show.

Abimbola speaks passionately to Guardian Life Magazine about the idea of the show being relatable to everybody “whether you are skinny or not.” To mothers waiting for the daughters to get married, people going through various dating encounters or workers having to deal with drama with colleagues at the office. She also speaks ardently about delving deeper into societal issues with regards to a recent episode, which opens up the notion of married men dating young girls.

Abimbola Craig Guardian Life OnoBello 2


Cover Credit:

Photography: @jerrie_rotimi

Styling: @mruduku

Makeup: @eyesome_beauty


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