Spice TV & TechCabal Present “Fash X Tech” Business Series

spice-tvTechnology is changing the way we lead our lives. From the way we hail our taxis to the way we bank, technology has dramatically altered the way we carry out these everyday and mundane activities- and the fashion sector has not been left out.  In e-commerce alone, we have seen the emergence of new business models such as curation, social merchandising, mass customisation and collaborative consumption. What business models and concepts will be next to emerging?

SPICE has always taken a keen interest in the exciting emerging activity at the intersection of fashion, technology and entrepreneurship from hosting a panel at Social Media Week Lagos to giving you an insiders pass to the lives of social media stars making digital waves.

To recognize the ways in which technology is affecting fashion and specifically on the African continent, SPICE TV will be holding an event as part of our industry “Happy Hour Series” entitled Fashion x Tech.  The event will be hosted in collaboration with Nigeria’s leading technology media platform, TechCabal.

At the event, we will recognize and feature innovative companies that are using technology to alter the fashion landscape in Africa. If you have an interesting business in the fashion-technology space or are already working on a start-up and looking to raise your profile we would love to hear from you!

Submit your details using the form here and tell them about your company.

If chosen, you will be invited to present your company and idea to a crowd of fashion and technology enthusiasts and professionals at out Fashion x Tech Happy Hour event on September 26, 2016 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Africa has long been recognized for the talent and skills of its creatives. It’s time we add technology to that tool set and start identifying companies doing excellent work in this area as to propel our fashion sector and keep us competitive with other regions of the world.


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