Start Your Day Everyday With A Happiness Prescription

Morning time can really make or break you, this means you want to harness the power of your positive emotions.

Adopting my quick, easy and fun morning routine will help you build a happiness practice in your life. Consider it a “happiness prescription”!



Start your day off with a positive, upbeat attitude with this morning routine that include:

1. Always say your morning prayer even if it is lying on your back in bed.

2. Take a quick scan at your emails to see if there are any emergencies your boss may have sent over for the day, its always good to know what’s coming before you get to work.

3. Do a mental note of all you have to do and think about how you will do them excellently well.

4. Head off to do your personal hygiene routine and while you are at it, watch or listen to the news to know what’s happening around you.

5. Give yourself a treat with breakfast before heading to work, it might just be the only sane 10 minutes you may have all day.

6. Sing along to your favourite song as your drive to work, if you are riding public transportation, then listen on your ipod or phone, depends on which you have access to, it might just put you in good spirits for the day’s job ahead.


Try and see how that works out for you, I know it works for me every time!


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