Stephanie Linus Attends The ‘Dialoghi in Spoleto’ & Carla Fendi Foundation Event In Italy

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Stephanie Linus, Nigeria’s award-winning film actress, director and producer recently attended the second edition of the “Dialoghi a Spoleto” and Carla Fendi Foundation event in Italy. The event is part of the official events of the Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto 2018.

The five-day event which was marked by six meetings of great female figures of the international scene ended yesterday, Sunday 8 July.

From Africa, to Afghanistan to Italy, the delegates discussed several world issues such as: slave trade, the struggle for equal rights, culture as a vehicle for emancipation, women’s health, agriculture and globalization in relation to the female world, social commitment, cinema, music, art. While speaking at the event, Ms. Linus called for more attention to the plight of victims of human trafficking as well as education and empowerment of people who are at risk of being trafficked. “In ending slavery, we must be conscious about empowering and educating people, because otherwise, we’re going to have to deal with it for years to come.”

This year’s event was hosted by the renowned Italian writer Paola Severini and was attended by women from all over the world including including: Sister  Gabriella Bottani,  world coordinator of the fight against trafficking in persons; Luigi Manconi  UNAR coordinator – National Office;  Marcelle Padovani,  expert in organized crime and correspondent of Le Nouvel Observateur;  Marina Pendes, Minister of Defense of Bosnia-Herzegovina;  Nessrin Abdalla,  Kurdish commander of the People’s Popular Protection Unit;  Alka Sadat Afghana film producer;  Irene Bignardi  film critic; Anna Querci  president Anna Querci and others.

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