Style Inspiration: How To Dress Up Stylishly For A White Wedding

Hello ‘Style Revolutionists’, today I am helping out some my sisters out who ping me on BBM and send me emails of the dilemma they face with dressing up when they have a big wedding to attend.

Last week, a reader sent me an email saying, “I need help with what to wear for a wedding in a month time, I am particularly nervous because an ex boyfriend I still fancy is going to be there and I want to look stylish and chic and let him see what’s he’s missing, I would like to wear a dress from a Nigerian designer, any recommendations and tips?”

 When it comes to dressing up for a wedding, you want to look super stylish without showing too much skin so I thought of flowing dresses, and since our reader wants to wear a Nigerian designer, I thought to use pieces from the Ella and Gabby collection “Tropical Sophistication” which is absolutely stunning!

Here are four pieces and options to pick from.

Look 1


Look 2

Look 3


Look 4


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