Style Metamorphosis of Legendary Actress Cicely Tyson as She Goes to Rest at 96

Our hearts are heavy to see legendary, celebrated performer Cicely Tyson go at the age of 96, however she left us with many memorable and inspiring TV performances. Not only this, the formidable black actress, who published her memoir just a few days before her demise, embraced fearless fashion style in her 90s, conceived by her designer of the past 15 years, B Michael, who says, “I see her as Hollywood royalty.”  

From a recent article in the Hollywood reporter, Michael says, “There is no ball gown that I build that she cannot carry. Miss Tyson is any designer’s dream muse because she’s not afraid of anything.” The duo had worked on her style for 15 years. “It’s the ideal New York fashion house designer and celebrity relationship. However, because we are both Black, it doesn’t get the kind of attention.” he adds.

We have put together some of late Tyson’s pictures to show her style metamorphosis.
1. Cicely Tyson Dies at 96

2. Cicely Tyson Dies at 96


3. Cicely Tyson Dies at 96


4. Cicely Tyson Dies at 96


5. Cicely Tyson Dies at 96


6. Cicely Tyson Dies at 96


7. Cicely Tyson Dies at 96


8. Cicely Tyson Dies at 96


9. Cicely Tyson Dies at 96


10. Cicely Tyson Dies at 96


Watch some clips her recent interviews below.

Credit: CBS

Credit: Instagram/ @netflix | @strongblacklead


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