Style Stars! See The 7 Super Stylish Ex-Housemates To Grace BBNaija

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As the fourth edition of BBNaija approaches, we take a look at housemates from the “See GoBBe” and “Double Wahala” editions who are style goals, delivering outfit inspirations every now and then. In no particular order they are:


Bambam BBNaija (1)

Bambam wore one of the most memorable looks to the 2018 AMVCAs. Her style can be best described as sweet yet edgy. Both on and off the red carpet, elegance is one word that comes to mind when Bambam steps in. She has a certain air about her that exudes grace, and we love everything that she decides to put on.


T-boss BBNaija (2)

When she’s not glam’d up for a photoshoot. T-boss’ style is pretty laid back. Her idea of fashion is comfortable and classy. She never goes over the top with her clothes and she sure knows how to make a white tee and jeans work.


Tobi BBNaija (3)

Tobi has proven with his style that he can pull off anything. When it comes to fashion, Tobi is willing to experiment with cuts, colours, and prints. We can always count on Tobi to break in the most cutting-edge trends. One of his remarkable looks was his fit for the 2018 TFAA.


Marvis BBNaija (4)

If you poked your head into Marvis’ closet, you’d find it teeming with things like distressed jeans, crop tops, and loads of boots. This babe keeps it 100% edgy. For streetwear inspiration, look no further than her Instagram page.

Teddy A

Teddy A BBNaija(5)


TeddyA doesn’t just dress well, he has the physique to carry any outfit with the appropriate dose of swag. Maybe that’s why he’s becoming a regular on the runway. His style is casual but he makes effortless look real good!



Alex Unusual BBNaija (6)

If we could crown Alex, she would be the queen of versatility. You can try to define her style but you won’t succeed. One thing is sure though, with Alex, there’s always a wow factor; it’s never the regular. Whether it’s her hair colour or her sleeves, something extra must be involved. Guess that’s why she’s called Alex Unusual.



CeeC BBNaija(7)

Ceec’s style is chic and modern. Even when she decides she’s doing the classic black and white, she brings a modern spin to it. Ceec embraces both the classic and athleisure, so her style is equal parts fearless and fun.

Did your fave make the cut?

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