Supermodel Millen Magese Passes Out At Fashion Show

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Tanzanian supermodel, Millen Magese is very vocal about her battle with Endometriosis and while walking the runway for her bosom friend, designer David Tlale at the Joburg Fashion Week, the disease struck again.

She managed to keep her head up and finish her walk despite feeling dizzy and suffering increasing lower back ache but as soon as she got backstage she collapsed.

The brave model shared pictures of her passed out on the floor as members of the paramedic team administered treatment to her.

She went on to assure her fans that she was doing much better and that this was just one of the many faces of the deadly disease. She also revealed she used to walk about 23 – 38 shows in bigger fashion weeks but that she has been slowed down by the disease and only manages to do about 4 now.

This was her walking down the runway before her collapse.



Millen Magese-OnoBello (3)


We love you Millen and we’re praying for you.




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