Tacha Opens Up About Her Viral Disqualification From Big Brother Naija: ‘I Felt down’

Tacha Akide OnoBello

Natacha Akide popularly known as Tacha is no doubt one of the most popular names to emerge from the reality TV show  Brother Naija Naija. Although the Port Harcourt city’s self-acclaimed first daughter was disqualified from the show back in 2019, 10 days to the end of season 4, she has continued to be one of the most talked-about contestants ever on the show.

Her disqualification came about after she earned her third strike from Biggie for flouting house rules. The third strike came when she got into a pretty heated argument with a fellow housemate, Mercy who later emerged winner of that season.

Tacha was accused of losing her temper which led to her pushing, shoving and pulling Mercy’s hair, which is considered violence.

Recounting the experience of her disqualification on her YouTube channel, Tacha whose claim to fame stems from her controversial stint in the house has revealed that her profile rose after the disqualification. According to her, although it was a low moment for her, she was elevated by God.

She said: “On September 27, 2019, I was disqualified from Big Brother Naija. That was a very low moment for me, having almost got to the finals and being dropped. Getting disqualified was one of the low moments of my life. I felt down.

There were times I would be all by myself and start crying that I almost got to the last day of the show. It really shook me and a lot of people. But, I got elevated somehow, and I still don’t know how that happened.

There is a stigma behind getting disqualified but I am still doing well a year later. I consider that to be a huge elevation. Some people have gone through such moments in their lives and still have not been able to get back on their feet. For me, it was a different ball game.

Tacha also stated that a year after her disqualification, things started getting tough for her again. She added, “Few people in my circle started acting awkward. Things just started getting hard from around that same time this year and I could not understand why. Things were getting harder and the people in my circle were acting in a certain way.

“Who would have thought this little girl from a rural area in Port Harcourt could be the one that many people look up to? I am a living testimony that God is good.”

Watch the full vlog here!

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