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OB Cuisine: Egg Fried Rice & Chicken Wings Sauce Recipe From Meals With Abi

Today’s episode of OB Cuisine features food blogger Meals With Abi as she shares her Chinese-style ‘Egg Fried Rice’ and ‘yummy Chicken Wings Sauce.’ She says, “A very simple egg fried rice recipe, yo might not order take out anymore. Using cold or a day old cooked rice comes out a lot better. You can also add more…

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OB Cuisine: This Egg Fried Rice Recipe By ‘A Foodie’s Diary’ Is Perfect For Dinner

Food vlogger and certified chef, Mmah of “A Foodie’s Diary” is back with another mouthwatering recipe, and this time, she’s showing us a tutorial on how to prepare Egg Fried Rice garnished with with some plantain and sunny side up. Wonderful as this meal looks, it’ll make for a satisfying dinner or lunch. “Very sweet something; the…

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OB Cuisine: Learn How To Cook This Delicious Egg Fried Rice | WATCH

Today’s episode of OB Cuisine features one of A Foodie Journal‘s latest recipe. This amazing dish is a very popular and well-loved delicacy amongst the majority of the people in West Africa, especially if cooked well. Join this Instagram food blogger as she takes us through the process of preparing this delicious Egg fried rice the right way. Enjoy…

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