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OB Cuisine: Breakfast Inspo! Naija Foodict’s Spicy Pan Grilled Plantain & Fluffy Eggs

Food blogger and influencer, Naija Foodict is back with a new cooking tutorial, and this time we are being taught how to make Spicy Pan Grilled Plantain & Fluffy Eggs. This recipe is the perfect guide to making an easy healthy meal that isn’t filled with greasy and it also packs a lot of flavour. She says, “Simple Breafast…

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OB Cuisine: Grilled Plantain, Chicken & Pepper Sauce Via Diary Of A Kitchen Lover

Today’s recipe of the day is grilled plantains, chicken and sauce. For those who are not familiar with plantains, they are a staple in Western Africa countries, larger than bananas but normally not as smooth as bananas. This meal is a breezy weekend delight and can be eaten at any time of the day. You…

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