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Nobel Prize Winner and Author Of “Beloved,” Toni Morrison Bows Out At 88

Nobel Prize Winner and Author Of “Beloved,” “Song of Solomon” and other novels, Toni Morrison has died, according to her publisher Alfred A. Knopf , she died on Monday night in New York. The literary lion whose narrative voice soared from deep tenderness to searing power in writing gave up the ghost aged 88 years old.…

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Essential Reads For The Soul: 3 Books Every Woman Should Read Before Her Next Birthday

There are things mothers shy away from while their daughters are growing up. The daughter ends up learning through experience – or worst does not learn and keeps getting crushed under buses and trains. Are you a woman? Then there are some things you need to know before you make your next assessment of your…

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Essential Reads For The Soul: Getting Into The Spirit Of Valentine’s Day

The beautiful thing about Valentine is that it cuts across religion more extensively than other celebrated days. While the religion prejudice has been a barrier for the genuine expression of love where other religion are concerned, Valentine breaks this barrier and more beautiful is the fact that lovers have imbibed its spirit and chosen the…

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