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Nola Black Unveils Pre-Season 2020 Lookbook Tagged “Pendulum”

The lookbook of Nola Black‘s pre-season 2020 collection is here. The collection titled Pendulum is inspired by the fast-paced evolution of the ideas and ideologies that govern our times. According to a statement from the brand, the collection is viewed through the millennial experience and “stirred by the transformation/shift from a time seemingly riddled with singularity to an…

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What They Wouldn’t Tell The President –Dele Momodu Writes

Fellow Nigerians, reactions to my column last week were not unexpected. As anticipated, they were indeed varied. Some people were impressed that anyone could tell President Muhammadu Buhari what most people would never dare. Others felt I could talk because I don’t work with the President and therefore do not feel the pressure of those that…

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