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OB Cuisine: Recipe Of The Day — Vivian’s Cuisine’s Mashed Yamarita

Today on OB Cuisine, avid food blogger, Vivian’s Cuisine is sharing her mashed Yamarita and pepper sauce recipe. She says, “Yamarita is simply boiled yam coated with egg before frying same. It easy to prepare and delicious to have. Here I made a little twist of mashing the yam before deepinh it into my whisked egg and frying…

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OB Cuisine: Grilled Plantain, Chicken & Pepper Sauce Via Diary Of A Kitchen Lover

Today’s recipe of the day is grilled plantains, chicken and sauce. For those who are not familiar with plantains, they are a staple in Western Africa countries, larger than bananas but normally not as smooth as bananas. This meal is a breezy weekend delight and can be eaten at any time of the day. You…

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OB Cuisine: Afaraoyin’s Kitchen Shares Her Special Combo Of “Puff Puff, Asun & Pepper Sauce”

Afaraoyin Kitchen is sharing a not-so-common food combo comprising of West African snack puff puff, asun (peppered goat meat) and pepper sauce on the side. Although in Nigeria each of the three is eaten separately, the Berlin-based Nigerian chef admits to finding it fulfilling. She captions: “Who else dips puff-puff in pepper sauce? Things I…

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