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Mr Ibu Reveals Near-Death Experience After Being Poisoned By His Own Workers

Mr Ibu was mocked for his protruding belly months ago but unknown to many the veteran Nollywood actor and comedian almost had a close shave with death, also on different occasions at that. The comedic genius—real name John Okafor—recounted how he was poisoned by members of his staff and how they were paid by his kinsmen to eliminate him…

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Toyin Aimakhu Keeps Mum As Ex-husband Adeniyi Johnson Is Accused Of Attempting To Poison Her

    Last Thursday, another scandal broke out on social media when certain individuals stormed Nollywood actor and Toyin Aimakhu’s ex-husband, Adeniyi Johnson’s Instagram page to lay some serious allegations against him among which was attempting to poison Toyin Aimakhu, as well as abandoning a wife and child in Ijebu, Ogun state. One of the…

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