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US Justice Department Pin Hushpuppi to North Korean Cyberattacks & Financial Crimes

United States Federal prosecutors has indicted Nigerian social media sensation Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, aka “Ray Hushpuppi”, 37, in a North Korean wide-ranging scheme to commit cyberattacks and financial crimes across the globe. According to a press release on the Department of Justice website, a federal indictment unsealed charges against three North Korean computer programmers with participating in…

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Nigerian Socialite, Hushpuppi Allegedly Arrested In Dubai Over Fraud Allegations

According to circulating reports, real estate developer, Ray Hushpuppi has been arrested from the combined forces of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the INTERPOL at his alleged hidehout in Dubai. This news which is yet to be confirmed was shared by folks who alleged that they were at the scene where the Nigerian socialite and his…

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