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Nigerian Idol Top 12 Lives Up To Flash Mob Hype With Electrifying First Contest

Fresh off their electrifying debut and their guerrilla-style flash mob last week, the Nigerian Idol top 12 contestants took to the stage on Sunday, 17th February, and performed for the first time in a competition for votes. Haven put up an electrifying debut, the question of the moment was: would the contestants live up to…

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Mobbed By Music! Nigerian Idol Contestants Hit E-Centre And The Palms Mall

The mall performances by the top 12 contestants of the Nigerian Idol Season 3 this Sunday were definitely out of the blue!  The 12 grand-prize hopefuls surprised Lagos with performances in Ozone Cinema and the Palms Mall, turning up the heat at both locations and blowing the stunned audience away with their explosive guerrilla song-and-dance…

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