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OBTV! Uwanma Odefa Encourages Self-Survival! Watch Her Vlog on 5 Marriage Survival Skills for Women

In this new vlog from Uwanma Odefa, she shares her 5 Marriage Survival Skills every woman should have. In the video she encouraged and shared self-survival skills that women should have to retain mental and physical well being in marriage. Watch below:     Leave your views in the comment box.  …

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Is Having Relationship Goals Dangerous? Here’s What Uwanma Odefa Thinks!

Vlogger Uwanma Odefa, is back after a brief hiatus and perhaps as a result of the recent drama involving celebrity couples on social media, she chose ‘Relationship Goal’ as her topic of discussion. She says: “We often look at a couple, a celebrity couple, and go “Aaaaaaw! Relationship Goals!” We forget (or actually do not…

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