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OB Cuisine: Learn How To Cook Vegetable Soup Differently With Diary Of A Kitchen Lover

We’re back with another episode of OB Cuisine and today one of our favourite food vloggers, Diary of a Kitchen Lover is showcasing a special new recipe on how to make vegetable stew with groundnut oil. As everyone knows, Vegetable stew which is a popular Nigerian delicacy is commonly made with palm oil, but the DOAKL’S founder Tolani is…

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OB Cuisine: Recipe Of The Day — The Kitchen Muse’s Boiled Plantain & Vegetable Sauce

The Kitchen Muse is out with an updated recipe of her popular Vegetable Soup (Efo Riro) on her YouTube channel. In this episode, she teaches her viewers how to prepare the delicious soup using Shoko leaves (Lagos Spinach). She says, “Tell me, what’s not to love about Efo Riro? It’s packed with loads of nutrients, has carbs, proteins, fats &…

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