Take A Clue From Swanky Jerry! 7 Summer Essentials Every Man Should Have!


Summer is the time you have to look good and style up yourself in an appealling and vogue way.

Swanky Jerry, fully understands the art behind proper styling that is why he always looks really stylish and unique.

You can look good if you can style yourself with these 7 accessories below.

  1. Linen shirts: Linear shirts are really stylish you can decide to button them up or leave them buttoned down. They look classy and manly.
  2. Swim trunks: It is advisable to get your perfect size. Because these swim trunks are supposed to looked  tailored on your body. One thing these shorts do is that they make your legs look longer and your looks very classy
  3. White jeans: You don’t want to look all dull during summer, so you need to spice up your wardrobe with white jeans to make your looks brighter.
  4. Slides:Slides are compulsory and essential to get. You can’t be wearing shoes all the time so you can get Adidas slides, Nike or any cute slides you can get your hands on.
  5. Sunglasses: These are a must. You need sunglasses for summer.
  6. White sneakers: Get white sneakers, they go with every and any outfit
  7. Fresh cologne: This is a snatch away, you need to get fresh colognes to smell all time. You cologne can sell you off without you saying a word. So you have to choose the perfect cologne for your personality.

Credit: Swanky jerry/instagram

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