Taking Over! Re Bahia Presents New Collection-‘Coup d’e-tat’

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Nigerian based fashion brand Re Bahia recently released lookbook photos to its latest collection and has aptly tagged it – ‘Coup d’e-tat’.

Creatively directed by the brand’s designer Orire Omatsola– the collection see pieces that come in neat and clean lines dominated by colours such as white, red, blue and a few prints.

According to the collection brief, the collection can be best described as, “clean concrete tones of white reminisce of certain innocence now lost in the great taste of freedom. A freedom so vividly entwined with an audacious disposition, like the braids on the head of our warriors. Silk Organza’s and heavy crepes introduce a new paradigm to the definition “sexy cool”, exploring the elements of elegance and expressionism to the point where sexism is but a fallacy.”

This collection is for the young, modern and edgy woman of today that likes to stand out from her peers. We love the simple cuts and how the separates paired.


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Photoshoot Credits

Photography: Lakin Ogunbanwo

Stylist: Bubu Ogisi

Makeup Artist: Dodos Uvieghara

Creative Director: Orire Omatsola

For more information on Re Bahia, please contact on Instagram: @OrireO

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