Tanzanian Model, Millen Magese Daily Battle With Endometriosis, Covers Radiant Health Magazine

Millen Magese covers July/August!


Top African runway model, Millen Magese covers Radiant Health Magazine’s July/August 2014 issue as she opens up about her fight with endometriosis.

She says she was inspired by Nigerian actress, Rita Dominic’s efforts to raise awareness about the disease.


On opening up about the ailment

“I was not always open about it until my wake-up call in February.” She underwent egg-retrieval procedure, in order to save her eggs and provide her with a chance of having children in the future. “I was only able to produce three eggs. It takes its toll on you emotionally, in addition to the financial commitment involved. And when the trail to save my fallopian tubes came to naught, it was at this point that I decided to talk about it.”


“I was still recovering from my egg-retrieval procedure, and the result was just too emotional. Together with all that was happening, I felt it was my call to speak out without a care about myself anymore. If I could help one woman, that was enough for me. It feels good that I was able to touch quite a lot of women, and even better that I’m no longer alone as I go through this. That I’m able to speak about my problem is part of my healing.”


Magese is up-front about her personal battle to go public with her story. “You don’t want to know the emotional breakdown, the depression, the frustration and the questions I asked myself as someone battling with a medical challenge for which one of its symptoms is what looks and feels like a taboo subject to speak about as an African woman: ‘Period pains or pains during sex.’ These are things that are private for most of us Africans, and I didn’t know how people would receive it, and as a public figure, I wasn’t sure how it would play out. But I’m not talking about it as a public figure. I’m speaking out as a woman.”

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Photo Credit: Radiant | Habarinbogo | Instagram

Photoshoot Credits:

Cover: Millen Magase
Photography: TCD Concept
Makeup: Joyce Jacob Beauty
Stylist: Bolaji Animashuan

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