Temmie Ovwasa Reconciles With Former Label Boss Olamide After Calling Him Out On Twitter


Singer Temmie Ovwasa appears to have mended fences with her former music executive Olamide after alleging in tweets that he only allowed her to release four singles and four videos in the 5 years that she worked with his record label YBNL.

In the thread which has since been deleted, she expressed her dissatisfaction with the music label and how she and other artists were treated.

“Omo, it’s YBNL thinking that I’m going to keep quiet after they fucked be over for nearly 5 years, My voice may not be loud but I fit shout. You don’t give a person hope & snatch it from them. Olamide Adedeji, I will always have your name in my mouth. Silence is not my language,” the ‘Jabole’ singer wrote in one of the tweets.

“5 years, 4 singles, 4 videos. If that’s how he got to where he is he should come and explain @olamide!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

She added, “Nigerians:- “Temmie You have not dropped any song in 2 years, lazy m artist “
Temmie:- “I actually recorded 3 albums and multiple singles that were never dropped by YBNL for no fucking reason and my shows were rejected by them making it hard for me to do anything!””

“Chinko, Xino, Lyta, Davolee, Picasso, Yomi blaze, Limerick,Temmie. You give the world the impression that you’re kind but beneath the facade is a man that leaves a trail of broken dreams. But then again, that’s what men do. Your story will cease from my mouth when you kill me💕💋”

Temmie was signed to YBNL Nation in May 2016, after which she released her debut single “Jabole“.

Although Olamide is yet to respond to the allegations, several social media users have expressed their thoughts. While some think that there may be some truth in Temmie’s tweets, some people think that it was a means for the singer to promote her newly released album, or that she was just “being ungrateful”

Few hours after these allegations, Temmie disclosed in a new tweet that she met with Olamide and all issues have been resolved. “I had a meeting with @Olamide and all issues have been resolved. Still Family, Always,” she wrote.

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