Tems Calls Out Ugandan Singer Bebe Cool For Facilitating Her Controversial Arrest

Tems and Bebe Cool UG OnoBello

Tems amidst a plethora of expletives have accused Ugandan artiste Bebe Cool of getting her and fellow rising music star Omah Lay arrested by the police for flouting the East African country’s COVID-19 guidelines.

“@BebeCoolUG You called the police on us. YOU got us arrested,” the ‘Try Me’ singer whose real name is Temilade Openiyi, began her outburst on Twitter.

She added in the now-deleted tweets, “@BebeCoolUG Your friend broke into our room and took us after YOU called. Only for me to see you in the DPO’s office, chilling and Laughing with him. Lmao in my presence and you thought I would sit there and allow you to speak to me. YOU are worse than shit.”

This accusation is coming days after Omah Lay, Tems and her manager Muyiwa Awomiyi after performing at an event tagged The Big Brunch, which drew a huge crowd at the Speke Resort in Kampala, Uganda’s capital.

Tems also accused Cool of bribing the police to obtain the singers’ release paper which he posted on his Twitter account: “.@BebeCoolUG I know you before? Who the Fvck are you? You followed the police around and bribed them to send you pictures of our release papers so that you can look like you had anything to do with the release. See your head? Na pit latrine dey inside not brain.”


Bebe Cool is yet to respond to the accusations. However, days before the event at which Omah Lay and Tems performed, a facebook post by the Ugandan singer questioned why the organisers of the event would invite Nigerian artistes when many Ugandan artistes are struggling financially as a result of the covid-19 restrictions imposed by the government.

“I have reliable information that there will be a concert in Uganda this Saturday by some 2 Nigerian artsists in Uganda. I beg the organiser to immidiately cancel this act with due respect. Am a Ugandan artist and I will stand in for me and my fellow artists who have been stopped from performing in Uganda for all these months due to covid-19 and we respected the rules and regulations,” Cool wrote on his facebook page.

Cool continued: “What hurts me is many other sectors have at least been compensated but not Ugandan artists. Even if we haven’t been compensated or given any financial help by the government in form of support, at least let us not be looked down at like that. Many of my fellow Ugandan artists are financially struggling and their carriesrs are at stake and then this, NO. Get this money and pay Ugandan artist only for now if even covid-19 is not in consideration for this event.

“Let me hope this is a dream am in coz if its real, I will make every effort to fail this event,” he added.

Omah Lay, Tems and her manager Muyiwa Awomiyi’s subsequent arrest drew a huge backlash from many Nigerians. They spent two days in police custody with a court hearing before they were released and returned to Nigeria on Thursday, December 17.

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